attendance policy

CHARIS is dedicated to producing the best quality performances possible, and part of accomplishing this goal is holding well-organized, fruitful rehearsals every week. Rehearsals are held every Tuesday night from 7:00-9:30 p.m. at Peace United Church of Christ (204 E. Lockwood Ave, 63119).

The expectation of every singer in CHARIS is to attend all rehearsals, except in cases of illness or circumstances discussed with the Artistic Director at the start of the rehearsal process for a particular concert. While we understand everyone has a busy life and many commitments demanding their time, we must remain devoted to the interests of the chorus. As such, a strict attendance policy is in effect and is enforced by the Artistic Director and the Board of Directors.

Each singer is allowed 3 missed rehearsals during a concert period. Every section has a section leader who will take attendance weekly, and record any absences. After the fourth absence, the singer will be notified that she is no longer eligible to sing the current concert. Cases of unexpected or extreme circumstances preventing attendance policy compliance must be discussed with the Artistic Director before any exceptions will be made.

Additionally, every singer is required to attend the technical rehearsal and the dress rehearsal during performance week. Any conflicts with these rehearsals must be brought to the attention of the Artistic Director at the beginning of the rehearsal period for that concert.

Finally, punctuality is extremely important. You are expected to be in your seat, ready to sing at 7:00 p.m. Arriving late to rehearsal is disruptive and in order to be respectful of your fellow singers and the Artistic Director, please make every effort to arrive on time. By being on time, you ensure your voice is warmed up (helping to prevent vocal injury), and you make certain you do not miss important musical direction for any songs.

This policy is in place to help every singer of CHARIS feel proud of the quality of our performances and the music we create. We appreciate your help in meeting all the member expectations, including the attendance policy.