Solo/Audition Information

  • Auditions will be held during rehearsal on November 7. Results will be announced during rehearsal the following week.
  • All auditionees will be considered for all solos and small groups. By auditioning, you agree to be considered for all available opportunities–and to accept any parts that you are assigned.
  • Auditions will be anonymous. Each auditionee will step out of rehearsal and sing the audition in a separate room. Faith, as Conducting Fellow, will facilitate the recording of these auditions. Each auditionee will be assigned a number, and each recording will be identified by number, not name. Stuart, as Artistic Director, will listen to the audition recordings and then assign auditionees to parts primarily on the basis of “fit.” He will also attempt to “spread the love” and distribute the parts as widely among the auditionees as possible–though this concern will, where appropriate, be attenuated by concern for (a) the success and comfort of the individual singer and (b) the success and comfort of the chorus in the product being shared in December. Only after hearing all the recordings and assigning all the parts with the names associated with each number be revealed to Stuart and, in turn, the chorus.
  • All auditionees will sing the same two excerpts, which have been chosen so that Stuart can have as comprehensive an “aural image” of each auditionee’s voice as possible (while also keeping the audition itself appropriately brief). Stuart will review these excerpts in rehearsal on October 24 and October 31.
    • “21 Guns” opening solo (mm. 6-13)
    • “A Blessing of Cranes” small group section–upper octave only (mm. 109-120)
  • A “practice track” has been created to help auditionees prepare. Here is the order of events on the practice track:
    • Piano plays introduction to “21 Guns”
    • Stuart’s voice counts off, “And, go.”
    • Voice from rehearsal track sings “21 Guns,” mm. 6-13
    • Audio fades
    • Keyboard plays A (starting pitch for “A Blessing of Cranes” excerpt)
    • Stuart’s voice counts off, “1, 2, ready, sing.”
    • Voices from rehearsal track sing “A Blessing of Cranes,” mm. 109-120
  • For the audition itself, a similar “audition track” will be used. It follows the same procedure as the practice track, except that the voices are removed. The auditionee will sing along with piano accompaniment for “21 Guns.” After receiving the starting pitch and count-off for “A Blessing of Cranes,” the auditionee will sing unaccompanied.

Download Practice Track | Download Audition Track
If you have trouble downloading these tracks, e-mail Al at If you’re new, you may have to request permission to download the tracks from Google Drive. We will respond to those requests as quickly as possible.