For a Single Concert

Fees for a single concert are $60.00 per person; due the rehearsal following the third open rehearsal, if being paid in full. A member can elect to pay the $60 fees in three installments. The first installment of $30 is due the rehearsal following the third open rehearsal. The 2nd installment can be a $30 or a $15 payment and it's due four rehearsals later. The final payment of $15 is due another four weeks after that.

For the Season

In the fall, a member can save $20 if they elect to pay their fees for the entire season (fall and spring concerts and Pride) at one time. $100 is due at the 4th rehearsal of the fall concert or the member can elect to pay $50 at the 4th rehearsal and $50 four weeks later.

All fees must be paid before the concert to be able to sing the concert. A minimum of the first installment of fees must be paid before music is taken home. All music remains the property of the chorus.


While we rely on our fees to defray some expenses and expect all members who are able to pay them, we never want to lose a member due to financial difficulty. We have a limited number of need-based scholarships, both full and partial, available. If a member is in need of temporary financial aid, they are strongly encouraged to speak to the president, vice-president or treasurer before quitting the chorus.