CHARIS has been providing the community with the finest vocal performances across the area since 1993.

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204 E. Lockwood

 Webster Groves, MO 63119

CHARIS is a diverse group of women united in our mission to perform music that celebrates and encourages women and the LGBTQ community.

CHARIS prides itself on the diversity of its membership, program and audience. CHARIS comprises 50-75 women varying in age from 15 to 70+. We represent a variety of ethnicities, sexual orientations, economic situations, and abilities and disabilities.

Our programs have included a wide repertoire including pop, classical, spirituals, and world music. We have collaborated with other choruses, individual guest artists, and with other community arts and social services organizations. We market ourselves to the entire St. Louis metropolitan community and choose venues that are accessible and easy to reach by public transportation.


St. Louis has many choruses. However, none of them share the mission of CHARIS or the opportunity for community involvement. Because CHARIS addresses issues of concern to women in general and lesbians in particular, we offer a unique view of both everyday issues and global concerns.

Our concerts offer a chance for CHARIS to challenge ideas or stereotypes that people might have about women or lesbians, age, race, or any other “difference.” Our concerts also offer a special opportunity for our audience members to see and hear their own ideas and feelings expressed by our chorus.

We take pride in the fact that many people have told us that they left with a different, more positive view of the queer community after attending one of our performances.   LEARN MORE!