CHARIS in the Community

Beyond the Ballot at the

Missouri History Museum

"Two years ago, I was invited to participate as a representative of contemporary women in St. Louis for the upcoming Beyond the Ballot exhibit presented by the Missouri History Museum," shares Spurlock.

"I was astonished at the opportunity and couldn't wait to be interviewed about women in the 21st century. Little did I know that we were all about to face some of the biggest challenges ever with a pandemic shut down, bubbling-over of racial tension around long-festering issues of inequality and brutality, and a government spreading fear and misinformation. The exhibit was delayed, but has now opened to guests with reservations. It was both thrilling and unnerving to hear my voice as I wandered through this powerful exhibit about women over the past two centuries (and more) who have risen up and created a better world. In light of our new reality, I may have answered some of the questions differently, but I'm so proud to have had the opportunity to speak up and speak out."

Beyond the Ballot at the Missouri History Museum celebrates Women's Suffrage, and "Beyond"

CHARIS president Sharon Spurlock in and visiting the Beyond the Ballot exhibit