All singers, board members, the AD, set designer and stage manager are members of the list serv.

A member can set themselves up for individual emails, a daily digest, special notices only, or no email at all or ask to be set up by the list owner or moderators.

This list is a secure, restricted list for members only. Joining requires permission of the list owner or moderators, and only those listed above have access to either read or post messages. The list is considered very secure and Yahoo does a good job of keeping hackers and spam out. However, no public site is completely secure, so all members must decide for themselves whether or not to join the list.

Any member can post information that is CHARIS related or of interest to a majority of the chorus; just please mark any post that is not directly related to CHARIS business as “Off Topic” and consider that many members receive these emails at their work where their Inbox size may be restricted.

Our former list has been incorporated into our Customer Relations Management tool, NEON from which we can generate notifications of events and concerts.  If you have family members or friends that you would like to be notified of our concerts, fundraisers or other performances, let Candy Freeman or Al Benoit know and they can be added.

These lists are never sold or shared with ANYONE other than the list members. Members should not share the names and addresses on this list with anyone other than another list member. If you have questions or requests for updates to the list just contact Candy Freeman or Allison Benoit.