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Mission. Vision. Values.

CHARIS – The St. Louis Women’s Chorus
CHARIS (kārĭs), of Greek origin, meaning grace & kindness; a member of the Charities, goddesses representing the most favorable qualities of women.

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CHARIS is a diverse group of singers united in our mission to perform music that celebrates and encourages women and the LGBTQ+ community.


We see ourselves as an instrument of change in the St. Louis area, focused on promoting greater understanding and equality for women and the LGBTQ+ community.


We envision a future of organizational stability and financial sustainability for the chorus through:

Growth in...

  • ​The number and diversity of our singing members​

  • The musical ability and performance level of the chorus​

  • Our non-singing volunteer base​

  • Our loyal audience members​

  • Revenue from donations, sponsorships, and advertising


Greater visibility/awareness...

  • ​Within the LGBTQ+ community and the St. Louis community at large

  • ​By strengthening existing partnerships and developing new collaborations

  • ​By revitalizing our commitment to address women’s issues and matters of social justice and civil rights for the LGBTQ+ community

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CHARIS is a family, a sisterhood that shares these values:



​We are dedicated to the success of the chorus and the welfare of our members.

We are motivated to foster understanding through the messages we voice in song.



​Laughter is part of every practice, concert, and social gathering.

Quick wit and good-natured joking are valued and get us through tough times.



​We encourage members to reach their personal goals while pursuing the collective musical and performance objectives of the chorus.

We continue to challenge ourselves and are proud to meet those expectations.


​This is a safe environment for all of our singers to connect through music and friendship.

Every voice is heard; our different talents and perspectives are appreciated.


​​Primarily a lesbian chorus, we welcome all who identify as women as well as non-binary people.

We are a non-audition chorus that supports each singer’s musical development.


​​​​We are unique individuals, but at our core, we are singers of character, courage, determination and strength.

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